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The new plant “UPS” is the introduction of European business principles

Since 1996, the company “APS” surprises its competitors in a professional approach, destroying stereotypes of standard construction and laying of roads. In this industry, the company has already overcome the path of regional significance, entering the all-Ukrainian market. But this is not the limit. This is confirmed by the presence at the opening of the fourth plant of foreign colleagues from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who highly appreciated the potential of the ATP.

Specialists note that the company is gradually turning into a large “construction monster”, and the adviser of the governor of the region Yuri Golik added during the round table: “We would be for the region of 10 such plants.” The words of the official are as well described as the level of organization and ambitious projects of the leadership of the PCA. In turn, European partners from Slovakia and the Czech Republic in one voice stressed that the product “UPS” in the Dnepropetrovsk region – these are the standards of Western companies.

“We see that your company is focused on building up. You, in addition to infrastructure projects, benefit the community by creating jobs and replenish the local budget, “said Martin Baer, ​​Business Development Manager.

With regard to the guests, then in their expert opinion there is no doubt. European partners have created a business conglomerate at home. In Europe, experts have teamed up to compete with the best.

“We need to get stronger, so we’re here. We are very pleased that we can now expand together with the Ukrainian side. We see that the company “UPS” gives results not only in the profile work. Therefore, there is a certainty that together our parties will be able to implement new projects. Since our countries are in a mountainous region, we have a great experience in building bridges and implementing projects with such a complex landscape. In this area we see the deepening of partnership and the exchange of knowledge. Both sides will be able to expand their capabilities through a partnership in the field of construction, for example, bridges, “said Martin Nad.

“I believe that this is not your last visit to Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk region. This is just the beginning of our joint journey. In view of the fact that we have accelerated processes of European integration, we hope that with your help, we will become the owners of the technologies and standards that you possess. Our task is to be the market leaders, “- said the advisor to the director of LLC” UPP || “UPS” Taras Paliy.

The opening day of the plant showed that innovation in the field of construction, repairs, as well as technical capabilities along with the professionalism of employees at a very high level. Governor’s advisor, Yuri Golik, present at the opening of the business assured the partners that they have full support from the authorities. The official said that one of the priorities of Petro Poroshenko is the construction of roads in Ukraine. The country is at the stage of reformation and takes steps towards European standards of life. Specialists are right when they say that there are no roads in the country. Therefore, the general vector of all three sides at the meeting was aimed at making the roads in our region really better. We emphasize that about 8% of the total mileage of all roads in the country – this is Dnipropetrovsk region.

“These roads should be repaired by a company that is registered and that operates in our region. We support every investor who puts in the area and acts as a guarantor, “said Yuri Golik.

Important factor – the law on the road fund begins to apply next year. Its essence is based on the fact that the construction of roads and overhaul appears rigidly registered source of financing. In addition, the oblast budget, for which the OGA is responsible, will increase each year the financing needed for large-scale road construction.

“We are looking at living, powerful and capable companies that can” digest “a certain amount of work and financial investments. The company “UPS” is developing, and most importantly, in due course fulfills the tasks set. Our only requirement is quality and 5-8 years of warranty depending on the complexity “, – summed up the adviser of the governor.


There are two industrial sites on the territory of the plant: the task of the first – the production of the foundation of roads, the task of the second – the production of asphalt concrete.
Capacity: 160 tons per hour.
Product: various types of asphalt
– high productivity (from 4 factories that has a company, this is the most powerful);
– very low emissions to the atmosphere are ensured, due to the use of “Hose Filters”;
– the enterprise meets all European standards;
– Production is continuous, almost round the clock.