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LLC “UPS” has signed a trilateral memorandum

Arka Capital, a subsidiary of Arca Capital, has signed a tripartite memorandum with the Ukrainian-Polish Enterprise with Foreign Investments, UPS (Dnepr) and InvestUpService Ukraine Investment Services (ISU).
About it it is spoken in the general press release of the companies, transfers БизнесЦензор with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

The subject of the memorandum is the consolidation of efforts aimed at combining the assets and capacities of 11 Ukrainian construction companies based on the ATP and joint activities of the parties in the construction of roads and highways and other infrastructure facilities throughout Ukraine.

At the same time, Czech investors already have plans for 2018, namely, it plans to build roads up to 150 million euros, increase the park of road construction machinery by 100 units, employ 300 workers and further upgrade production capacities.

It is also reported that an audit, which will take place over a period of three months, has already started, with the involvement of the international auditing company “Kreston Ji Ci Gi”. At the same time, negotiations with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on co-financing are underway, consultations and proposals for the joint implementation of cooperation are planned.

The main activity of the company “UPS” is aimed at repairs and construction of highways, landscaping, boulevards and public gardens, a full range of earthworks, industrial dismantling, general construction works, asphalt production, road construction equipment. The company owns its own production facilities – asphalt concrete factories, warehouses of finished goods.

Investment Service Ukraine is a specialized company for servicing foreign investments in Ukraine. The company has its offices in Kiev and the Dnieper. ISU also provides legal and financial services to refineries, traders in chemical raw materials and mineral fertilizers, road construction and agricultural sectors.

Arca Capital has been operating since 2003, created by transforming a group of companies related to All Finance Services. The group has operated in the Slovak capital market since 1994, and subsequently cooperated with well-known financial groups and institutions operating in the Slovak and Czech capital markets, which allowed the company to focus on the implementation of its own investment projects. Source: https://biz.censor.net .ua / n3031865